Spread tow carbon fabric coil

100% Carbon Fiber

We manufacture our paddles exclusively with carbon fiber. All the technology of the formula one world is now in your hands.


Manufactured with 100% carbon fiber, we put in your hands paddles with extreme resistance and durability, so you can count on them for much longer.

3 hoe custom paddles on a rock under a waterfall
Carey Surf Paddle Hoe Custom Paddle under crystal clear water

30% Lighter

With the Spread Tow technology we were able to reduce the weight of the paddles by up to 30% without losing the strength and durability of the carbon fibre.

Better Performance

The designs of Hoe Custom Paddles are based on hydrodynamic research and the experience of SUP professionals, thus obtaining Custom Paddles that improve performance. The result is more power and easier to use.

Surfer riding a Supboard with a Hoe Custom Paddle