About Us

HOE comes from Hawaiian and means “Paddling”. Hawaii is the birthplace of paddle surfing.

Paddling is our passion, not only in Stand Up Paddle Surfing but also in different sports such as canoeing, kayaking, Kayak polo and rafting. This combination of experience and knowledge is the energy with which Hoe Custom Paddle was born.

Our other passion; the sea and all its habitat.

Turtles or Honu symbolize the love for the Oceans, they are capable of rowing thousands of kilometers in the open sea and they always know how to return to their place of origin.

In Chinese, Japanese or Indian cultures they are considered to be creatures of good luck and are surrounded by countless legends. Polynesian warriors always had them tattooed to symbolize their strength.

Nowadays they are among the most seriously endangered species.

The Ocean , the sport and Turtles have been the great source of inspiration for our team formed by environmental technicians, graduates and sport technicians, professionals of the world of Stand Up Paddle Surf (IOSUP), elite sportsmen of the canoeing and experts of the carbon fiber.

Hoe Custom Paddle puts in your hands durability, resistance, control and years of experience in water sports.

hoe sunrise paddle surf
hoe sunset paddle surf