Carey  Surf Paddle


Carey Surf

One of the most beautiful turtles in the world because of its distinctive and unique shell gives the name to our surfing Paddle.


Designed specifically to catch the best waves thanks to its water drop shape.

Allows you to accelerate quickly and improve your performance.

The concave shape of this paddle will give you an excellent grip and evacuation in the water; reactive and lightweight.

Designed to guide the water in the right direction and stabilize the paddle.

All of the power developed is thus turned into speed and in addition, thanks to the shape of the blade in “drop”, this paddle will have a better balance between energy and effort. Perfect for surfing and paddling again and again on the waves.

Its 10° angle plays a crucial role in the efficiency of the paddle, both during the power phase and in the start and return phase.

Edges protected with ABS to increase safety, blade strength and minimise board damage.

Technology Spread Tow

Carbon fabric produced using the layered distribution instead of clusters.

Allows weight savings that no other type of composite reinforcement can achieve.

The best choice for ultra-lightweight carbon fiber products.

Thin flat ribbons instead of rounded shapes, a patented process that provides unique possibilities for weight savings and improvements over other carbon fiber materials.

Weight reduction of up to 30%.


Name: Carey Surf.

Blade Length: 41 cm.

Blade Width: 18 cm.

Angle: 10º.

Paddle Length: 226 cm.

Paddle Shaft Diameter: 29,00 mm.

Area: 73.

Weight: 370 gr.