Golfina Kids Paddle

Golfina Kids

The smallest turtle in the world and undoubtedly one of the most seriously endangered gives its name to our paddle specially designed for children.


Its semi-triangular shape makes the little ones keep their joints in full shape and progress quickly in any modality. Both the shaft and the knobs are also designed specifically for them.

The Golfina Kids paddle is designed for children. The narrow diameter shaft is great for the small hands of children and young riders.

The 73″ blade manufactured as well as our Laud Race and Carey Surf blades, gives children the power and comfort they need while correcting misalignment.

Edges protected with ABS to increase safety, blade strength and minimise board damage.

We did not want to reduce the cost in materials and we got a kid’s paddle with a complete finish. Now they can start with high quality, lightweight and perfectly sized paddles!

Technology Spread Tow

Carbon fabric produced using the layered distribution instead of clusters.

Allows weight savings that no other type of composite reinforcement can achieve.

The best choice for ultra-lightweight carbon fiber products.

Thin flat ribbons instead of rounded shapes, a patented process that provides unique possibilities for weight savings and improvements over other carbon fiber materials.

Weight reduction of up to 30%.


Name: Golfina Kids.

Blade Length: 41 cm.

Blade Width: 18 cm.

Angle: 10º.

Paddle Length: 226 cm.

Paddle Shaft Diameter: 26,00 mm.

Area: 73″.

Weight: 350 gr.