Lora All-Water Paddle

hoecustompaddle model lora all water front

Lora All-Water

One of the most well-known turtles gives its name to our All Water Paddle.


Its multipurpose design makes this paddle the most versatile and easy to handle in any condition.

If what you like is variety and to go Paddling in any condition, this is your best bet! If you want one paddle to do it all, this is your paddle.

Versatile, strong and lightweight, this paddle shares much of the same DNA as our top level Race and Surf paddles (LAÚD and CAREY).

It supplies all Riders in all water conditions, from surfing, race, touring, etc…

We designed Lora All-Water blade to be a more tolerant and to adapt to a less aggressive paddle with a lower cadence. The moderate blade angle of 10° promotes a smooth paddle stroke and a little more comfort than the LAÚD.

You don´t have to be a professional rider to enjoy the benefits of a custom blade. Choosing the right paddle may seem daunting at first, but don’t worry, ask us and we will provide you with the best option for an optimal paddling experience.

Edges protected with ABS to increase safety, blade strength and minimise board damage.

Technology Spread Tow

Carbon fabric produced using the layered distribution instead of clusters.

Allows weight savings that no other type of composite reinforcement can achieve.

The best choice for ultra-lightweight carbon fiber products.

Thin flat ribbons instead of rounded shapes, a patented process that provides unique possibilities for weight savings and improvements over other carbon fiber materials.

Weight reduction of up to 30%.


Name: Lora All-Water.

Blade Length: 48 cm.

Blade Width: 21 cm.

Angle: 10º.

Paddle Length: 226 cm.

Paddle Shaft Diameter: 29,00 mm.

Area: 82″.

Weight: 430 gr.

hoecustompaddle model lora all water back